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Short Day/Long Day: The Devil’s Causeway

The Devil’s Causeway probably isn’t the scariest day hike in Colorado… but it’s definitely up there. The hike follows a ridge about as wide as a bike path flanked on either side by sheer cliffs. It also tops out around 12,000 feet, so vertigo usually isn’t the only thing taking hikers’ breath away.

It’s a thrill. It’s also in one of the wildest and least-visited pieces of public land in Colorado: the Flat Tops Wilderness west of Kremmling. So this week, we rounded up two ways for hikers of all abilities (and all degrees of courage) to share the experience.

Short Day: Hike to the Causeway

The Devil's Causeway | Bootprints

You don’t have to cross this narrow land bridge—at one point it’s just 4 feet across—to enjoy the views from the Causeway (though we do strongly recommend it). This section can be approached by a six-mile out-and-back hike from nearby Stillwater Reservoir.

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Colorado’s best mountain yoga

Where yoga is concerned, there’s some division around Bootprints HQ. Some of us have made the practice an integral part of our lives, while others still think “downward-facing dog” is something grown-ups do when they love each other very, very much.

But everyone here (and pretty much everyone across the state, in our experience) agrees that we probably should do more yoga… even if that means taking one class. So this week, we asked our in-house yogis to help us track down three places where mountain living meets mindful living.

Do Wanderlust in Aspen-Snowmass

Wanderlust Aspen Snowmass | Bootprints

Where yoga festivals go, Wanderlust is pretty much top dog (in the United States, at least). The touring festival brings together world-class yoga instructors from all disciplines, who share stages with mindful speakers and bands. It’s sort of like Bonnaroo meets TED… but with yoga.

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Colorado’s llama rental service

Celebrate Lou Bunch Day in Central City

It would be clever to say
 that you “won’t even have to get out of bed” to race in Central City’s 36th Annual Brass Bed Race, but it wouldn’t really be true. Obviously you still have to get out of bed. But racers do roll up and down Main Street on a wheeled bed, so you can see what that joke was going for.

Participants race in teams of three, with two men and one woman (typically dressed in period clothing). Two racers—the “working girl” and her client—sit atop a wheeled bed, while the third pushes them down Main Street and around a barrel. From there, the two men switch places and the team races back to the starting line.

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Hike to Mohawk Lakes

Adam Baker 600

You’ll take more than one hike this year. We know that. But if you had to choose just one trail to tackle in 2015, you could do a lot worse than 6.8-mile out-and-back to Mohawk Lakes outside Breckenridge.

The trail is not easy. It climbs almost 2,000 feet between the trailhead and the lakes, and the upper portion of the trail demands hikers scramble over some large boulders. But it’s worth it. The highest of the lakes sits 12,400 feet above sea level, and offers a view that is breathtaking even by Colorado standards.

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