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Short Day/Long Day: Never Summer

Let’s be honest—most of us know “Never Summer” as the name of a Denver-based snowboard company. But that name was inspired by a real place: 21,000-acre wilderness just west of Rocky Mountain National Park and less than three hours from downtown Denver.

That proximity to the Front Range is a big selling point for us. But we really like Never Summer for its diverse terrain, wildlife, and its 600-year-old trees (which owe their longevity to the range’s year-round moisture).

Short Day: Lost Lake

Lost Lake |

Originally called Solitaire Lake, the mysterious Lost Lake stands alone among dense forest and boulders at the bottom of the grassy incline that makes it way up to the point of Cascade Mountain. This 2.4-mile round trip hike is easy, scenic and the perfect trail for a picnic.

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Colorado’s best alpine lake hikes

So far, this season hasn’t been a good one for hiking high in the alpine. Trails above timberline were snow-covered through late June, and a heavy monsoon season has left the trails muddy ever since.

But at long last, the sun is shining bright and the trails are clear and dry. That makes this the perfect time of year for our favorite high mountain lakes… and maybe to take a high mountain skinny dip (we won’t tell).

Indian Peaks Wilderness – Bob and Betty Lakes

Bob and Betty Lakes |

The Indian Peaks Wilderness outside Boulder is jam packed with beautiful day and overnight trips, and that means its usually jam packed with day and overnight hikers as well. But most hikers veer off onto more popular trails before they reach Bob and Betty Lakes, leaving them relatively clear.

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Colorado’s best summer hut/yurt trips

Winter hut trips are amazing. But they’re also a hassle—huts book up almost a year in advance, and that makes it impossible to account for the vagaries of weather, illness, and last minute flake-outs.

But in the summer months, huts can often be reserved with just a few weeks of lead time (even less for weekday trips). They can also be reached on foot—no skis, snowshoes, or avalanche gear required. So this week, we rounded up our favorite Colorado summer huts. And yes, they all have toilets.

Breckenridge – Francie’s Cabin

Breckenridge – Francie's Cabin |

Francie’s Cabin has a sauna, and that has no doubt helped it become on of the most popular summer huts in Colorado. But we suspect the true draw for most hikers is the easy access—one route to the cabin covers just 1.7 miles from car to bunk, and provides access to fresh water the whole way.

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Colorado’s best Labor Day Weekend parties

You’ve done it again—squandered a perfectly good summer hiking trails, climbing mountains, and taking long afternoon naps. Now Labor Day Weekend is right around the corner and you don’t have a plan.

Not to worry. We take three-day weekends really seriously, so we’ve spent the last month or so finding Colorado’s very best end-of-summer festivities.

Winter Park: Wings, whiskey, and lumberjacks

Winter Park Wings Whiskey Lumberjacks |

We can already smell the testosterone that will come from downtown Winter Park this weekend. On Saturday and Sunday, the resort will host the TimberWorks Lumberjack Show: a free performance that showcases the skills of the country’s very best lumberjack athletes (yes, that’s a real thing).

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Colorado’s best Segway rides (yeah… we know)

When you signed up for Bootprints, we made you a promise. We pledged to make sure you’d never waste another weekend—to bring you the wildest, coolest outdoor adventures this great state has to offer.

This week, we broke that promise. We let you down. And we’re sorry. It won’t happen again.

Read on for the best off-road Segway tours in Colorado.

Glenwood Springs—Red Mountain

Glenwood Springs Segway |

If we were talking about a hike or a bike ride, we’d consider 2,000 feet of elevation gain pretty challenging. But on an off-road Segway tour, all that number signifies is a great view. Specifically, it signifies a great a view of Glenwood Canyon, Mount Sopris, and the Roaring Fork Valley.

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