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Colorado’s best Segway rides (yeah… we know)

When you signed up for Bootprints, we made you a promise. We pledged to make sure you’d never waste another weekend—to bring you the wildest, coolest outdoor adventures this great state has to offer.

This week, we broke that promise. We let you down. And we’re sorry. It won’t happen again.

Read on for the best off-road Segway tours in Colorado.

Glenwood Springs—Red Mountain

Glenwood Springs Segway |

If we were talking about a hike or a bike ride, we’d consider 2,000 feet of elevation gain pretty challenging. But on an off-road Segway tour, all that number signifies is a great view. Specifically, it signifies a great a view of Glenwood Canyon, Mount Sopris, and the Roaring Fork Valley.

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Dominguez-Escalante: Swimming Holes and Petroglyphs

Located just outside Grand Junction, the 210,172-acre Dominquez-Escalante National Conservation Area looks a lot more like Utah than Colorado. And to be fair… it’s pretty close to Utah. But it doesn’t get the same crowds as Zion Arches, or Canyonlands, and it’s just a four hours drive from Denver.

So this week, we rounded up two of our favorite hikes in one of Colorado’s least-visited wild places.

Short Day: The Escalante Canyon Potholes

Hike Escalante Canyon |

We understand that you might be hesitant to take on a desert hike in the peak of summer. Not that we’d blame you—local temperatures can reach into the triple digits this time of year. But that makes this peak season for the “potholes”: a series of natural swimming pools carved into the sandstone.

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Colorado’s best “wild” spelunking

Where caving in Colorado goes, most of our experiences began and ended with with a middle school field trip to the Cave of the Winds in Colorado Springs. And while that place is fun, it’s a long way from wild.

So this week, we scoured the dark underbelly of Colorado’s public lands for its very best spelunking adventures. They’re both (reasonably) claustrophobic friendly, and not one of them has a gift shop.

If you go: Wear long pants and sturdy boots. Also bring a headlamp, another back-up light source, warm layers (caves are cold and wet), and a helmet. Kneepads and gloves are suggested, as is a “pee bottle” for responsible bladder relief (seriously… don’t pee in the caves).

For beginners: Eagle’s Fulford Cave

Eagle's Fulford Cave | Bootprints

Located 15 miles south of Eagle, Fulford Cave is great for first-time spelunkers. Crawling and crouching in some places in the cave is necessary, though some rooms have 80-foot ceilings. The actual cave boasts over a mile of passageways, most of which are flat and easily walkable.

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Colorado’s best train rides… with hikes

We’re not exactly what you’d call train enthusiasts at Bootprints. Or at least, no one on our staff has a subscription to Trains Magazine (to our knowledge). But we’re definitely enthusiastic about touring through Colorado’s scenic country without breaking a sweat or adding numbers to our odometer.

So this week, we’ve rounded up our three favorite Colorado rail trips. And because we don’t like to go a whole weekend without a hike, we also included info on some great nearby trails.

The Georgetown Loop / St. Mary’s Glacier

The Georgetown Loop | St. Mary's Glacier | Bootprints

The train: Built in 1884, the Georgetown Loop Railroad was one of Colorado’s first tourist attractions. The route takes you roundtrip from Georgetown to Silver Plume with 640 feet of elevation gain in just three miles of tracks. It’s a scenic, historic, authentically Coloradan experience… with a full bar, to boot.

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Short Day/Long Day: The Devil’s Causeway

The Devil’s Causeway probably isn’t the scariest day hike in Colorado… but it’s definitely up there. The hike follows a ridge about as wide as a bike path flanked on either side by sheer cliffs. It also tops out around 12,000 feet, so vertigo usually isn’t the only thing taking hikers’ breath away.

It’s a thrill. It’s also in one of the wildest and least-visited pieces of public land in Colorado: the Flat Tops Wilderness west of Kremmling. So this week, we rounded up two ways for hikers of all abilities (and all degrees of courage) to share the experience.

Short Day: Hike to the Causeway

The Devil's Causeway | Bootprints

You don’t have to cross this narrow land bridge—at one point it’s just 4 feet across—to enjoy the views from the Causeway (though we do strongly recommend it). This section can be approached by a six-mile out-and-back hike from nearby Stillwater Reservoir.

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