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The Colorado Freeride Festival


Riding a bike is a task so universally mastered that it has become emblematic of familiarity and ease. But when people say something is “like riding a bike,” you can be pretty sure they aren’t talking about the sort of bike riding performed at the Colorado Freeride Festival.

The four-day festival will bring some of the world’s best mountain bikers to Winter Park Resort July 24-27, where they will compete on endurance, downhill and slopestyle courses for more than $45,000 in prize money. See a schedule.

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Fairplay’s Burro Days


The Colorado mountain man is a dying breed. Yes, there are more hikers, climbers, and skiers than ever. But we mean real, old-school mountain men. The guys with big beards and tanned deer hides and unconventional steeds.

In a world overrun by ultralight toothbrushes and compression underpants, Colorado’s mountain men keep as secret as Sasquatch. Until July 26-27, that is, when they will gather in Southern Colorado to practice the state’s oldest sport at the 66th annual Fairplay Burro Days.

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Hiking in Colorado… with kids

Not all of us have kids. But even the childless among us have friends with kids. So we’ve seen first-hand how hard it can be to choose a child-friendly weekend activity that doesn’t make you want to pull your grown-up teeth out.

That’s why we called Tony Parker, author of “The Best Front Range Hikes for Children,” and asked him for some local trail options that are safe and easy enough for kids, but exciting enough to be enjoyed by adults.

Indian Peaks – Mitchell Lake


Nestled in a subalpine gla­cial valley and partially encircled by the Indian Peaks Wilderness’ lofty crags, Mitchell Lake is among the Front Range’s most scenic destinations. It’s also a great place to see ptarmigan, snowshoe hare, and marmots.

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The Colorado Running Festival


Running is lonely. Sure, there’s a certain funky camaraderie felt by those folks with non-cotton race T-shirts and numbered bumper stickers. But at its core, the sport of long distance running is something practiced and enjoyed alone.

That’s never going to change. But on the weekend of July 12-13, the Colorado Running Festival will soothe that heartache a bit by bringing runners of all abilities together on the slopes of Copper Mountain.

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Hike Roxborough State Park


We love the wilderness. But we’re not as crazy about the commute. Sometimes we need to get our outdoor fix without spending hours behind the wheel. And when we do, we look for some place like Roxborough State Park outside Littleton.

The 4,000-acre park showcases sandstone fins that just several hundred feet into the air. The rocks are a part of the spine-like Dakota Hogback formation, which stretches along Colorado’s Front Range and also includes features like Devil’s Backbone and Garden of the Gods.

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Get bent at Wanderlust Snowmass


Yoga is a sort of active Rorschach test. To some, the centuries-old spiritual practice is a means to unite the body, the spirit, and the mind. To others, it offers a path to lean muscle and low blood pressureTo your humble editorial director, it’s a sweaty exercise in fart suppression. 

July 3-6, yogis (and aspiring yogis) of all bents will come together in Snowmass for the Wanderlust Festival: a traveling celebration of music, mindfulness and meditation. It’s sort of like an enlightened TED meets Bonnaroo. Sort of.

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Breck’s Kingdom Days


Life in Breckenridge hasn’t always been all about skiing pow and drinking whiskey. For more than a century, mountain life was about prospecting for gold, working night and day in the mines, and drinking whiskey.

June 14 and 15, the mountain town will celebrate its hardscrabble past with Kingdom Days: a summer kickoff festival that’s geared toward the entire family… drunk uncle included.

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Easy/Tough: Three-day trips

We don’t know what you’ve got going on this weekend. But if you don’t have any plans, and if you don’t think this is too forward, we’d love it if you tried one of our favorite three-day Colorado trips. If you’re interested, that is.

 Backpack the Rawah Lakes Loop



Northern Colorado’s Rawah Wilderness doesn’t go completely unvisited — you’ll have to head to Northwest Colorado for that — but it does draw a smaller crowd than popular areas like the Indian or Collegiate Peaks.

With no day of hiking longer than ten miles, the 24-day Rawah Lakes Loop offers a stunning but moderate tour of the wilderness’ alpine lakes. We can also virtually guarantee at least one moose sighting along the way.

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Lyons’ Burning Can 2014


Since its inception in 2012, Lyons’ Burning Can beer and outdoor sports festival has become one of our very favorite Front Range events. It has it all: craft beer, competitive adventure sports, and a clever, kitchy name.

And this year, it’s even got a comeback story. The festival will be the biggest event in Lyons since floodwaters ravaged the town last September (since before that, actually, because the flood wasn’t really a big tourist draw).

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Salida’s Hooligan Race


When Salida’s annual FIBArk festival celebrates its 66th year June 12-15, it will bring some of the world’s best kayakers, rafters and stand-up paddleborders to Chaffee County for a weekend of music, competition, and athletic camaraderie. But that’s not why we’re going. 

We’re going for Saturday’s Hooligan Race: a less-than-officially-sanctioned event that pits costumed (and usually half-drunk) teams of six against one another and the Arkansas rapids on home-made crafts built from scrap lumber, old soda bottles, and just about everything else you can imagine.

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